Take Me Home

What would you do if you found out that your were adopted? And then later on finding out that you were the twin sister of a member of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. This happened to Autumn Jenkins. After living under the order of the strictest parents you'll ever meet for 18 years, she finally begins to understand who she is. Will she ever get to meet her parents and other brothers? She long hopes to meet them one day and maybe finding that one special guy along the way.


17. Date Night

"Autumn? Are you ready?" I heard Zayn call from the living room part of the hotel room. I swear this place was like an apartment. I finished putting on the last of my mascara looking in the bathroom mirror. 

"Just a minute!" I called back. I stepped back and took a long look. I was wearing a strapless red dress that was about mid-thigh and skintight. It showed off my curves and hugged me perfect. My now all blonde hair was curled perfectly and the little makeup I wore was touched up with care. I was happy with my appearance. I put on my black strapped heels with my black diamond necklace. I walked out to the living room. "Ready." I sang a bit. 

Zayn was speechless. He just starred at me. Admiring my body. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." I laughed and wrapped my arms around his waist.  

"It's.uuhh. You look amazing." He could barely get out. 

"You too." I winked. He really did. He had on a red t-shirt that almost matched my dress and he was wearing  a black blazer. He was wearing jeans and converse. 

We walked out to the rented car still being unseen. It was dark now so there was a less chance of screaming fans. Good. I just wanted this night to be about us. We drove all around town and he was telling me about how much I'm going to love this place. We drove around Mullingar for about 40 minutes. I swear he was stalling me. "Come on, Zayn. I'm hungry." I whined. 

He laughed. "Good, cause we're here!" 

I looked out the window and seen the most cutest little restaurant. It was fancy enough to wear what I was wearing but it wasn't to fancy to make you sound like stuck up rich people. I took his arm and we walked inside. 

"Reservation for Malik." Zayn told the waiter and he nodded. He led us to a booth in the back. 

"You didn't have to do this. You're amazing." I told him as the waiter handed us our menus. 

"I didn't have to but I wanted to." He smiled. 

It was probably the best night of my life. We talked and ate all night long until it was closing time. Which was midnight. We laughed all the way to the car. It was the best night of my life. Zayn opened the car door for me and I slid on it. But he didn't close the door or leave. He just stood there. 

"What are you doing?" I chuckled. 

"You're just so beautiful." He whispered. I blushed. He gave me a long, passionate kiss. "I love you so much." His eyes were filling with lust. I smiled and looked into his eyes. 

"I love you too." He smiled so huge as if he was excited. Like a little kid going to the amusement park. He shut my door and practically ran to the drivers side. He hopped in and started the car. 

"You ready?" I nodded and we drove from the restaurant. 


"Babe?" Zayn whispered in my ear. We were already back at the hotel room and we were watching a movie.

"Yeah?" I whispered back. 

"You are amazing." He whispered. 

I chuckled. "So I have been told." 

He laughed and kissed me passionately again. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his tongue made his way in my mouth. This was perfect. 

We didn't do anything more. Good. I don't want things moving to fast. We went to bed after the movie was over. I cuddled up next to him as he quickly fell asleep. Everything was perfect. Despite the fight with my mum. I fell asleep happier than I have ever been.   

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