Take Me Home

What would you do if you found out that your were adopted? And then later on finding out that you were the twin sister of a member of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. This happened to Autumn Jenkins. After living under the order of the strictest parents you'll ever meet for 18 years, she finally begins to understand who she is. Will she ever get to meet her parents and other brothers? She long hopes to meet them one day and maybe finding that one special guy along the way.


20. Blacked Out

It was dark. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't move. I felt trapped. I felt like I was in a black hole just wanting to be free. Where am I? What happened? I'm breathing. I can feel myself breathe. In. Out. In. Out. I felt my chest rising up and down. I tried to move. Nothing. I couldn't do anything but breathe. That was good, right? I'm still alive. I just wish I knew where I was and what happened. 

I just laid there. Waiting for something or someone to pull me out of the darkness. Pull me out of this black hole that's holding me back. I wanted to scream. I just couldn't. 


I hear something. It sounds so close yet so far away. Come on Autumn, concentrate. Listen to that noise. 

"Will she be okay?" There! I heard it! It was a person, but who? "Please tell me she will be okay." It was a boy. He had a thick Irish accent. I know it from somewhere. It was...Niall! It was Niall!

Niall-he was my brother. My twin brother. We were separated at birth. I was adopted. I escaped from that home. I escaped from my strict parents. I'm in Ireland. 

I was trying to place all the facts together. Trying to figure out why I am in this darkness. 

"This is all my fault!" Someone shouted. It wasn't Niall, but another boy. A boy with a strong British accent. I found myself attracted to that voice. 

"Calm down, Zayn. You got hit pretty bad too. You don't need to be shouting." Niall said.

Zayn. The boy that has my heart. The boy that I'm so attracted to. I love him. He loves me too. Someone grabbed my hand and I felt sparks. I immediately knew it was Zayn. I felt bandages on his hand. What happened to him? 

"It wasn't your fault, mate. The guy driving the truck was drunk. He's getting charged." I heard Niall say.

A drunk driver?

I remember.

I was in a car crash. Zayn was there too. He is hurt. I am hurt. Am I in a hospital? I must be. 

Come on, Autumn. Open your eyes. 


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