Glad You Finally Came

A girl named Emma has a dad that passed away, mean stepmother and has only her best friend Harry Styles. And she has a brother that she hasen't seen since she was 7. But she doesnt know that her brother is- well you'll just have to read to find out.


2. Someday I will

      When we got to the store she told me to go look for some eggs. I agreed, not knowing what would happen if I declined. I walked around the store. I have never been here before. I kept looking. Not looking where I was going I walked into a boy. Not just a boy. My best friend Harry! "Harry!'', I yelled. Maybe a little too loud. Everybody stared , but I didn't care.

      Harry gave me a hug. "EMMA!", he yelled also. I pulled away.

      I said," What are you doing here?" I looked at him confused. He never came shopping by himself. At least when I asked him to get me stuff.

      "I came to get a pizza! Im hungry. You have no idea. How's Carrie..?" he said Carrie in disgust. He never liked her from the start. And now I don't like her ethier so I dont blame him.

      I sighed. "She's grounding me basically just because we were at the library... I don't get it. I just want to run away from my house and go live with you." Wait. I could. I could see Harry was thinking ,but right at that moment I saw Carrie walking towards me with a mad expression. " Bye Harry! See you later!... Text me" , I wispered in his ear. He was my best friend. And only my best friend.

      Carrie said," Let's go young lady!" She litterly grabbed my arm and dragged me away. He started to run over when he saw, but I just motined him to go away. He would just make I worse if he got in the middle of Carrie and I. When we got in the car, she made me sit in the back. I mean I was 17. She treated me like I was nothing. I hated her and just wanted to run away to live with Anne and Harry. Anne was more of a mother to me than Carrie was. And Anne always will be.

       We got home and I was sent up to my room. She must of forgot to make me clean. Yay. I guess. I got a call. From my sister! I unlocked my IPhone 4S and agreed the call.

"Hey Emmalie!"

"Hey little sis. I miss you!"

"I miss you too Em. Carrie is getting mean."

" I know.." she sighed. "She always was. ever since dad died"

" I know . She won't even let me see Harry! My best friend!"

" Wow! That's mean. He is your best friend and she won't let you see him?"


"Well you will be in collage in a year."

" Yah. If I have enough money"

" Well im doing good at collage"

" That's good. Well I have to go Em"

"Ok. Bye Emma. Love you"

" Wait-"

        And she hanged up. I would of called back ,but I was not in the mood. Not getting to see Harry. Being grounded from like everything and missing my sister. Worst day ever. I just wanted to see my brother. He got seperated from me and Emmalie when I was 7. Emmalie and I never knew where he went. He went with my mom somewhere. Somewhere in this world. I will find them someday. Someday I will find them.

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