Glad You Finally Came

A girl named Emma has a dad that passed away, mean stepmother and has only her best friend Harry Styles. And she has a brother that she hasen't seen since she was 7. But she doesnt know that her brother is- well you'll just have to read to find out.


3. Running away

    I just could'nt take it anymore. I grabbed some clothes and my IPhone and  I climbed out my window. Knowing where I was going. i just could not stand anymore of Carrie. I ran to my aunts.I knocked on the door. My cousin Corryn opened the door. I hugged her. She was 16. Close to my age. I missed her so much! She was shocked I could see it in her face. " Emma! Im..shocked! How did you get here? I wave not seen you since..well... the funeral." she said tring not to bring up my fathers death.

    "Surprise. I ran away", I said. Not caring who heard me. Carrie wasnt my gardian. My godmother was. Which I am at her house at the moment.

     Kelly ran to the door. " Emma! Come here! Why are you here? Are you hurt. Did something happen to you? How did you get here?", she demanded. She was questiony todaythats for a fact.

      I said," Calm down Kelly. I ran away to come live with ypu. I'm not hurt. Well phisically. Nothing happened to me me ,but Carrie being mean. I ran here and I am going to stay here.''

    Kelly motioned me to come inside. I walked throught the door and sat on the couch. I was esashted. All I wanted to do was to sleep, but thier questioning was not going to let me. They kept asking me all these questions. I zoned out. "Guys Im tired. Im going to bed.", I explained. They got the idea I was in no mood to talk and walked away. I walked up to my new room. Just then I heard my phone go off. I walked over to my bag and picked it up. It was a text from Carrie. I didn't open it. Actually I just then deleted her from my contacts. She was old news and was going to stay old news. I hoped. Then i got another text. From Harry! I opened it.

   How's it going Emma. Still grouded? Text me when you can -Harry.

I texted him back. Im fine Harry. I ran away to my aunts house -Emma

GOOD! Now we can hang out! And I got a girlfriend! She is really nice and a sweet girl. But dont worry I will always have time for my best friend. -Harry

YAY! You finally got a girl. Can't wait to meet her. Wanna go to get coffe tommorow? -Emma

Shure. I'll meet you at Starbucks in the morning. Goodnight Emma -Harry

Night Harry -Emma

          I was happy for him! He got a girlfriend. I was excited to meet her. I hope she was nice. I thought about my whole day. I was tired. I put my IPhone down and slowly drifited away to sleep.

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