Glad You Finally Came

A girl named Emma has a dad that passed away, mean stepmother and has only her best friend Harry Styles. And she has a brother that she hasen't seen since she was 7. But she doesnt know that her brother is- well you'll just have to read to find out.


1. Carrie

               I was in my room. Waiting. For someone to come. Let me introduce myself. My name is Emma. My dad passed away two years ago of a really bad heart attack. I have been living with my stepmother since then. I loved her when my dad was still alive, but when my dad died she snapped. She was rude, didnt let me go anywhere and overpowered me. I only saw my best friend Harry when I was at school. I only had a couple weeks of school left then it would be summer. Summer vacation. Just then I was interupted.

       Emma's P.O.V.

           Carrie yelled ," Emma! Come down stairs now!" I know I was in trouble. For what? I didn't know. I usually didn't know. I got up quickly and went downstairs.


          I saw her standing in the middle of the kitchen. Staring at me like I just killed her favorite dog. O just remebered . I went to study with Harry yesterday at the library. I was doomed. I was going to get grounded. Like always. I asked," What do you want?"

          Carrie said," Dont talk to me like that. All sassy and such. Apolagise!"

          I said,'' Im sorry." I wasn't. What did I do? Nothing. That was the problem.

        " Where were you last night? I checked in your room and you were not there!", Carrie shouted. If I lied I was going to get grounded. If I told the truth she was going to hit me and send me up too my room. I decided to tell the truth.

         " I was at the library with Harry", I said. Trying to hide my face in my hair. To my surprise she didn't hit me. She did something worse. Made me clean all the dishes, dust all the floors, sweep all the rooms and clean all the bedrooms. I guess it was not that bad, but I hated cleaning. Even if I wanted something clean. I hated cleaning.

        " You can do your chores when we get back from the store", Carrie said. Wow. She was letting me go with her. Mabye I would see Harry I thought. So I decided to go with her.


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