I'm in LOVE!

amanda is a normal till she walks in a store to see one direction talking to her best friend jamie who have bean friends since birth and they both loved 1D until she talking to them her phone starting ringing and it was jamie she screamed and fainted...... and read to find more


3. wakeing up

niall's POV

 when i saw amanda i knew i wanted her to be  princess she was waking up and saw us and just screamed i said shh  its ok nialler got you and she said omg your niall horan he said i know and your amanda lane nuedmund  i said she smiled and looked around at everyone in the hospital louis and harry asked if she was alright  she said yea im fine zayn kissed her on the cheek and said it fine were all here i  went over kissed here and said amnda may i call you mandy and will you be my princess she said yes and we went back to jamies place and sat down amnada said what wer gonna do and louis screamed TRUTH OR DARE we all laughed at  him and we played it lande on me louis said i dare you to take your clothes infront of every one i said i dont even now them amanda and jasmie said but we know you we know every fact about you ok then will do it if you all take your shirts off ok they all said

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