I'm in LOVE!

amanda is a normal till she walks in a store to see one direction talking to her best friend jamie who have bean friends since birth and they both loved 1D until she talking to them her phone starting ringing and it was jamie she screamed and fainted...... and read to find more


1. swimming

amanda's POV

"omg i cant wait to go jamie where are you my moms still sleeping lets get in our bathing suits and go to the river" I lived right next to the river next to jamie'grama's house i called her lane "what if lane see's us" jamie said "she's at the church relaxe" lane is always at the church its were all our family works even my brother cody " mandy what are you doing im outside waited for you" jamie said she couldn't say mandy when she was lttle so she called me mandy ever since we were about five we almost 20 now and loved one direction i grabbed my iphone and put on up all night since it waas like 4 or 5 in the morning we went out and went in 


sorry guys this such a short chapter im starting fourth grade and i have been studieing every night for MCAS and all  so the next chapter will be very long k thanks!!!!!





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