I'm in LOVE!

amanda is a normal till she walks in a store to see one direction talking to her best friend jamie who have bean friends since birth and they both loved 1D until she talking to them her phone starting ringing and it was jamie she screamed and fainted...... and read to find more




i walked into stop and shop and wasnt looking cause i had my head phone's on listening to WMYB and i bumped into  someone i looked up and said sorry and then put a retard smile on and said you liam payne in shock he said yea i just said why are you in revere he said me and the boys were board on  brake so we  came down here i called  mandy and said excuse me and said okk and took his phone out and called someone i said amanda jamie i know im here i want to meet them then come over here stupid we walkied back over and saw louis zayne harry and niall.amanda's POV all my freinds called me styles slut or horans bitch or zamanda menumands  ikow my last name is numands crazy!!i  i walkined over fainted right there and i heard jame say styles slut i heard some laughs and woke up next harry louis zayne liam  and  niall ive always loved harry but niall i didnt like i loved like i would do anything to get with him


( heys guys i know i am in fourth grade but i stayed back i am about thirteen and i am alouded to sware and say sex and i know what it is there  is some sex chapters with this story.)

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