This is a romance story about a total ONE DIRECTION fan and when she meets them she falls in LOVE with on boy from the group and is he falling for her??? Ull just have to read and find out


2. Who???

So it's now 11:00am and we just found out that we have tickets to a 1D concert and meet and greet!
I could barely breath!
My big brother comes to the door with a golf club in his hand.
"what wrong, who's hurt!?"
Me and Summer start laughing and looking at the tickets completely ingnoring my big brother Brian.
As we're looking at the tickets, we notice that the concert is for tonight!
" we so half to get ready NOW!" Summer says running into my room and I follow.
We look at my cloths and I have NOTHING to wear!
We both look at each other and I run to my purs and grave my wallet.
" what r u doing" she asks
" if we have nothing to wear... That means we half to go shopping!" I say as I pull out my credit card.We both look at each other with dark smiles and I grab some sweat pants and a shirt and we run out to my car. We blare the music (one direction of cours) and we start singing and laughing at out terrible voices.
As I pull into the mall, we speed walk through the doors and head streigh to American Eagle.
As we're trying on thing in the changing rooms, I get a phone call.

"hello" a voice said on the other side. It was a British accent and I was wondering who it could be?

" hi" I anwser the misteriouse voice.

" how are you"

"I'm good, who is this?"

"Oh I'm Harry Styles"

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