This is a romance story about a total ONE DIRECTION fan and when she meets them she falls in LOVE with on boy from the group and is he falling for her??? Ull just have to read and find out


4. OMG!

So when we got back to my house, Summer went to call her parents and i decided to call Harry again. Since he called me, i still have his number on my phone. I dialled his number and he picked up on the thired ring.


"Hello?" he said with his deep husky voice. I could barely breath!


'H-H-Hi' i stammered


"who is this?" he asked


"This is Anika"


"oh hey, love" OMG he called me LOVE!


'hi, so i just wanted to say sorry that i had to leave our conversation so early'


"ya, i really wanted to talk to you for a longer period of time' he said and giggled a little


"well, i can talk now?"


"Ok, so i was thinking since your coming to the concert that maybe u could come back stage and i can get to meet you?" he asked. I could barely breath!


"uhmmm... ya sure, but my friend is coming and she loves you guys as much as i do so i dont think it would be fair to leave her alone"


"oh... u could bring her if you want."


'perfect, well i haven't even told her about our little conversation earlier so i think shes gonna be pretty happy when she hears this!"


"ya, so i need to get the back stage passes to you, do you want me to go to your house and drop them of or i can send them in the mail or you can come to my hotel and hang out for abit with your friend before the concert, then we can go to the concert together?" OMG, he really wants to meet me!


" uhh... ya sure. What hotel are you staying at?'


"the Delta"


"okay, ill go get Summer and then see you there in fifteen minutes?'


"okay, bye, love"


" bye' and with that we both hung up. Summer was off the phone and sitting on my bed waiting for me now.


"Who was that" she asked


"uhmmm, well i have a suprise for you!"


"really? awww, thanks Ani"


" okay so, when i was in the dressing room and i got a call from Harry Styles. He dialled the wrong number and we talked for a while, then when we got back here, i called him and we talked while you were on the phone with your parents and he said that me and you should go over and meet them now. He said that we could bring our clothes for the concert and change and do our makeup there. Hes staying at the Delta and thats two minutes away so pack your stuff and all our makeup and we can GO MEET ONE DIRECTION!"when i was finished, i was out of breath and she just looked at me with HUGE eyes.


"say something!" i told her


"OMG Ani, this is the best day of my life!" she said really excited. She ran around the room packing everything and so i just sat on my bed trying not to get in her way.


                                                             === at the hotel===

As soon as we arrived at the Hotel, we saw ALOT of people ther. Well, they were all girls screaming One direction. We walked up to the doors were we found two bodyguards.


"Are you Anika?" the tall one asked me.


"yes" i answered


"Right this way please" he showed us into the hotel. We walked to the elevator and he pushed the button that said 'penthouse'. He were all silent in the elevator. We heard a ding noise and the doors opened. It was awesome. We walked for about a minute down the hall and the bodyguard stopped at the door at the end of the hall. He smiled and left. Me and Summer just stared at each other before i knocked on the door. We heard foot steppes inside and rustling around then the the door swung open and there he was!





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