This is a romance story about a total ONE DIRECTION fan and when she meets them she falls in LOVE with on boy from the group and is he falling for her??? Ull just have to read and find out


3. Do i love him?

Anika's VOP


After i found out i was talking to HARRY STYLES!I could not breath. It was just silent.


"Hello? Is anyone there?"Harry said


"Ya, i..i'm here."


"sorry, i dialled the wrong number."


"Its okay, anyway, i am coming to your concert tonight."


"oh really? okay cool! Do you have VIP tickets?"


"Ya, me and my best friend are going and we are also going to the meet and greet after."


"Oh, so ill get to meet you tonight, thats a bonus! I get to se your beautiful face in person!"


"Yaa, wait how do you know i have a beautiful face?"


"Everyone is beautiful, i think!"


" Wow, i actually might be falling for you!"


" and you say that like its a bad thing?'


"It is!




"Because your a mega star! anyway as much fun as this has been, i half to go, bye."


"Bye, love"


And with that, i hung up. I never though i would fall in love with a mega star, but just with tthat short conversation, i think im falling for him. Is this good or bad? I know hes a mega  star and wouldnt fall for a mega star, but its different, its not like a crush every directioner gets, its...A loud knok on the shanging room door knocked me out of my thoughts.


"Hey, you done yet Anika?" Summer said


"Uh, ya i think I'm gonna go with the bleu top instead of the pink." i said as i walked out a headed towards the cash.


WE payed and then we walked towards the doors of the mall and went home in my car jamming out to one direction. I could not stop thinking about My conversation with Harry. I still never told Summer and she will kill me for not telling her when we were at the mall.


As we got home, we went straight up to my room and started to get ready when i got a text from...




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