This is a story about two best friends named Selina Higgins and Cassidy Payne. (But mostly about Cassidy, the girl on the cover) Selina's the daughter of 1Ds manager. She has long dark brown/light black hair that goes down to her waistline. She always wears in a pony-tail. She's 5' 4" and is a BIT fat, but has a nice body. Her friends name is Cassidy's Liam's sister! Shes thin with a nice body. She's 5' 6": nice and tall. She has 75% orange, 25% gold hair, that she always wears in a bun and is only a half inch or so shorter than Selina's is. These girls go on amazing adventures with Selina Gomez, 1D, Justin Beiber, and lots of other celebrities. Read to hear about their adventures and drama. PLEASE READ THIS! Constructive comments are allowed. Pointers will be praised.


1. Sorry

I have writer block. Sorry, and, BYE!
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