Harry and i

Renee Prince is a normal everyday goodgirl. Her friend Jenn North is a party animal. One day Jenn invites Renee to the bar and who does she meet there??


3. What lies inside

As soon as Harry let us into the bar I almost fainted as I saw the other members of One Direction.
'Hi! My name is Harry and these are Louis, Zayn, Niall...'
'We know who you are! Hi my name is Renee and this is my friend Jenn. It's her birthday tod...'
I couldn't even finish my sentance before they started seranading her with happy birhday. She squealed with delight and went to thank each one of them personally. She took a little more time with Niall. She has a thing for him.

Harry's POV

That girl Renee is really hot! I need to get in touch with her!
'Hey you guys wanna go have some shots?' I asked
'Sure!' said everyone else
After we each had 2 good rounds of shots thing began to get crazy. Renee almost fainted... I could tell she didn't do this much...and Jenn stated dirty dancing. She started to pull off her clothes and she was dancing in her bra and panties. Everyone else in the bar except me and the boys started to whistle and cheer. She then pulled her panties off and threw her bra into the crowd. People started throwing money at her so the boys and I grabbed her and her clothes, took Renee and drove them to our hotel.
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