Harry and i

Renee Prince is a normal everyday goodgirl. Her friend Jenn North is a party animal. One day Jenn invites Renee to the bar and who does she meet there??


6. The dare

Renee's POV:

I was regretting even suggesting this game. The 5 naked boys went into the other room to determine my dare. I don't even know what i got myself into.

Harry's POV

We all went into the other room.
'Well, what should we ask her to do?' asked Zayn
'She should poledance for us and strip for me!' I suggested
'Sounds fair enough.' said Liam
We walked back into the other room and saw Renee standing there fully clothed. Boy did we have a surprise for her!

Renee's POV:

I was shit scared! OMFG what are they gonna make me do!
'So Renee we decided you were gonna have two dares. First one is, your going to do a smexy pole dance for us. Then, you and Harry are gonna go upstairs and ... Well he'll tell you that later.' said Niall.
Ok pole dancing was like half stripping half waving your vagina up in the air in front of everyone.
'Ok but where's the pole?' i asked
Just then Louis ran and got the pole from thE vollyball net.
I stood near the pole and waited for them to sit down. They wanted it! So i'm going to give them a little more than what they asked for.

I started and A cheezy pop song came on.

Harry's POV:

She wakled infront of us. She then started to wave her booty around and smacking it. She then put her hand down the front of her pants and stArted feeling her vagina. She pulled up her pants a little to show us her underwear. She then pulled her pants and panties all the way up like a wedgie so we could see all of her buttox. She massaged it and then pulled off her pants. She started to play with her thong. Showing us bits of her vagina. Then she got on the pole and started to wave her bottom around like it was no one's buisness. She streched her legs, doing a split upside down on the pole showing parts of her no one's ever seen before. She then put her hands up her shirt and started squeezing her brests. She showed a bit of her nipple and then sexily pulled off her shirt. Then she did a little more teasing and started rubbing her breasts along the pole. Then she put the pole between her butt and slid up and down. She then danced around while showing litlle parts of her body. She pulled up her pants, put her shirt back on, and took a bow. We all clapped and then she took me upstairs with her. All of the boys winked at me.
'So whats my 2nd dare?' she asked in the cutest voice ever.
' To strip for me.' I said shakily
'Well im going to do even more for you.' She said while leading me into the bedroom.
'I'm in love with you Harry Styles! You are my fucking love!' she said.
' Oh i love you to Renee!' i said.
We both then started to kiss passionatly. I got her against the wall and started kisssing her and rubbing her butt. She then pushed me onto the bed and started stripping. She took off her shirt and her pants. She then started showing her nipples and soon took off her bra. She then looked down to my penis and she saw that it was hard so she teased even more. She started to tease her vagina infront of my face.
'Just take it off!' i exclaimed
She then slid off her panties and walked towards me. I couldn't stop staring at her she was so damn gorgeous. She lied down and i got ontop of her. We started kissing, expirementing withour tounges. I then started kissing down her body and i stopped at the boobs to suck them and kept going down to her vagina where i started tounging but then by surpries she pulled we up and started sucking my dick. I then started to urinate a bit by accident. i aPoligized and she said keep going. So i kept urinating and she moaned. She then brought up her vagina and gestured towards the thing where girl pee comes put from. I put my mouth over it and she urinated. Then we both got out of bed to use the toilet. She sat down facing the back and i stood behind her, urinating and we both took a crap( i admit this was weird but she just looked soo sexy one the toilet. We both went into the shower and igot hard i gestured towards it asking for permission to grab a condom but she said,' Not tonight!' and she just got into bed and fell asleep. I got in next to her and we snuggled until we both fell asleep.
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