Harry and i

Renee Prince is a normal everyday goodgirl. Her friend Jenn North is a party animal. One day Jenn invites Renee to the bar and who does she meet there??


1. Invitations

Renee's POV:

I was sitting in my bedroom listening to One Direction and my phone buzzed. It was Jenn. She asked if I wanted to go to the bar later.

' I'm not in the mood' I replied
' Oh come one! You r nevah in da mood. I thought you wud come since itz mah b-day...'
' Fine, I'll come but only because it is ur birthday.'
' Make sure to wear the cutest clothes evah! Yay! Luv ya see ya @ 8'
' Ya see ya!'

I went to my sister's room and ran to her closet. She won't mind considering she's at college...
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