Harry and i

Renee Prince is a normal everyday goodgirl. Her friend Jenn North is a party animal. One day Jenn invites Renee to the bar and who does she meet there??


2. Da Bar

When Jenn came over and saw what I was wearing she almost shreiked with joy. She was always trying to get me to wear sexy looking clothes.

'Man your almost wearing nothing Jenn!
'Back at ya Renee!'
'So are you ready to go?' Asked Jenn while twirling a strand of her hair.
I nodded in reply and we were off. Jenn was wearing a short leather jacket unzipped with a Black and Pink Leopard print bra with tight skinny jeans and black stilettoes... her belly button was showing. I was wearing a neon blue top with the sides and front cut into thin strands with a black bra and tight leather pants and black boots. We pulled up into the bar and approached the entrance. A security guard stooped us. 'Excuse me ladies, the bar is reserved for the night.'
'But it's my birthday!' Jenn whined
'Sorry ladies no exceptions!' said the security guard
'It's ok Ty let em in... they're cute!' said a cute boy with shaggy brown hair.
I couldn't believe i was staring into the eyes of Harry Styles.
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