Harry and i

Renee Prince is a normal everyday goodgirl. Her friend Jenn North is a party animal. One day Jenn invites Renee to the bar and who does she meet there??


5. A game

Jenn was safely sleeping upstairs in the guest room. After that incident, neither us guys, nor Renee could fall asleep.
'Hey guys you wanna play a game?' asked Renee
'Sure! What game do you suggest?' asked Zayn
' There was one game I learned from Jenn. I've never played it cuz it's kinda dirty..'
' We'll there's always a first time for everything... what is it?' I asked
' It's called Take it Off. It's a game where you tell something about yourself and the others have to guess whether it is true or false. If they answer incorrect you have to take off one of your peices of clothing. First one to stay in at least one of your undergarments wins and has to do a dare given by the other players.' she explained.
' Let's play then!' I said a bit too enthusiastically.
Renee went first.
'ok um... Both of my parents are in the military.'
'False!' said Liam.
'Nope both of my parents are in the military. So that means...'
She slowly but reluctantly took her pants off. Man those legs look sexy and her thong made it so hard for me to not stare down there!
We went on with questions like that until all of the boys(except me) were naked and Renee was in her bra and thong and I was in my boxers
'Ok...my sister is in college.' she said
'False!' i said sure of my answer
'No, it's true!'
I was the only one who stared at her as she unclipped her bra and threw it right at me. It landed in between my legs.
'Ok i sing in the shower.' i said.
'True.' she said casually
'Nope! False' i screamed
I almost ripped off my boxers and threw it across the room (it almost hit Louis in the face).
'Time for your dare!' I said mischeviously
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