Niall & Me

When Hayden goes to a 1D concert, she comes face to face with Niall Horan. Suddenly Niall feels diffrent. He knows she is just another fan, but some how she is speacial, but Niall is unsure if the relationship will work. Read to find out in this Romantic Drama.


1. Concert That Will Change My Life

Mom and I were on our way. One Derection were having a concert in London, England. I was going to be there. I will get to see them in concert before Sophii Evans will. Sophii always bragged how she will marry Zayn Malik. She was confident, and they had alot in common, but he was already taken by Perri Edwards. I liked Niall out of all of them. He stood out. He was Irish, They were British. The were brunnette, he was blonde. I liked him, but I knew he would never like me. He had celebrities to chase after. I was a nobody. "We're here, Sugar!" Mom said. I smiled and hopped out of the car. We had a 5 star hotel, and daddy gave me money to go to night clubs and have fun. I would be alone in the hotel though. Which was great. I could do anything and everything. I went inside and had fun and sang along to the songs I knew. They played for three hours so far, and then they had a quick break. I ran to the washroom. I fixed my hair and added lip gloss. As I was going back, I saw a big brown door that labeled, MAKE SURE DOOR IS CLOSED COMPLETELY AFTER USE. Hmm... I thought. I opened the door. Then I stepped out. It was a gated area outside. There was a bench. I sat down unaware of my surroundings, and plopped down on a man's hand! "Ouch!" The man said. "Oh, I am sorry! I am such an idiot! Are you O.K.?" I said. "No worries, Love." The accent sounded firmiliar."So how was the concert?" he asked. "Great! I really enjo-" He cut my off when he stared into my eyes. I knew them any where. Those deep, trusting, green eyes. A-A-are yo-yyou Niall? I said, trembeling. "Yeah! You a fan?" Yeah!


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