Sydney, Squidney, Squid, Sid, what ever you prefer to call her, dosen't exactly have her dream life. Her step dad hates her, her older brother Austin is in prison for something he didn't do, she's hated by all just because she's Liam Payne's best friend, and her ex Carrer is secretly after her. Enjoy the story of 17 year old Sydney Morgan in my first novel, broken. Will Liam be able to put her life back together piece by piece? It's time for you to find out the rest! Go. Read. It. Now. And remember to eat your feelings. (that has nothing to do with the book lol)


7. Why do I make so many author notes?

Omg I find this sooooo confusing. Annnnyyyywwwhhhooo, I've noticed that not all the stories on here ARE fanfics. I've also noticed that its not fan fiction, but fan realistic fiction. I can see why nobody calls it that... Not catchy and too long haha. OMG I LAUGH AT MYSELF WAYYYY TO MUCH. Anyway, I thank you guys for reading this! I didn't know I was good.... But uh, you see, I write A LOT. So this isn't my first fan fic. I write them in my notes... Oh and another thing, I've noticed that sometimes the guy is the main charater not the girl. There's one where it's told from the males point of view... Yeah not do used to that... Anyway, I'm sorry for making soooooooo many authors notes. I shall try not to do them as often. But I'll give you some as an update on things and maybe when I'll have the next chapter up. THANKS FOR READING GUYS!
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