Sydney, Squidney, Squid, Sid, what ever you prefer to call her, dosen't exactly have her dream life. Her step dad hates her, her older brother Austin is in prison for something he didn't do, she's hated by all just because she's Liam Payne's best friend, and her ex Carrer is secretly after her. Enjoy the story of 17 year old Sydney Morgan in my first novel, broken. Will Liam be able to put her life back together piece by piece? It's time for you to find out the rest! Go. Read. It. Now. And remember to eat your feelings. (that has nothing to do with the book lol)


1. This is my first fan fic so don't hurt me. Okay here we go

Love. Not a simple thing is it? You can make mistakes. Horrible, horrible mistakes. Mistakes you regret forever. Mistakes that change your life. Mistakes that hurt you and others. People may say they love you, but don't. They break up with you and you're left there. Broken. Love, not so simple. Not as simple as you thought. 
My name is Sydney. Some call me Sid. Others prefer Squidney. I'm fine with both. But I refuse to respond to whore, (a pretty common one for me) user, and MoMo. A short version of my last name. Morgan.
"SYDNEY!" my brother- correction, STEP brother, Boyd calls.
What does he want? I'm not in the mood. Not for anything happy. Not for anything exciting. Not anything stressful. 
 "What?" I groan.
 "Daddy needs you!"
Daddy? Boyd for heavens sake. Your 12. Call him father or dad. Grow up.
 "fine." I sighed.
I sat up from my comfy spot on my wooden chair and walked downstairs.
 "Yes?" I asked as I reached the bottom.
 To my surprise I saw the only good thing in my life. My best friend Liam Payne.
 "Liam? Why are you here?" 
Liam is the only one who knows about my past. From my bad love life, to the death of my father. Even where my older brother Austin is. 
 "Hey Squidney! I've missed you!" he said ignoring my question and pulling me into a hug.
 "Liam answer me! You know I hate it when you ignore me." I said.
 "Oh it's nothing bad. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to the ice cream parlor down the street." he said.
 "yeah sure. But let me make my self presentable."
I was only wearing a cami and sweat pants. No makeup. 
 "Don't need make up, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enough." he sang.
 "thanks Li." I said as he took my hand; pulling me towards the door.
We were walking to the parlor when Liam asked,
 "So, when does Austin come back?"
"just 2 more months." I sighed.
 "you miss him don't you bud." he said as he gave my hand a squeeze. 
 "a lot. Ever since they took him, I've missed him so much."
 "Sorry Squid." he said.
 "Thanks." I sighed as we walked into the parlor.
 There were gasps and a few small squeaks as usual. They were only interested in Liam. They all never liked me. Always thought I was getting to close. Others, to far. It's confusing. The fans  that hate me, always send me hate on any social website I join. Liam and I have exchanged "I love you's" but only as friends. Although I hope one day, we can be together. But I want the right person. I may be him, but it may not. But I don't want to fall in love again. Not after Carter. I never want to fall so hard for someone if they're just going to break my heart. Time and time again. But I know there will be someone I trust. Someone who will protect me. Someone who will love me. 
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