Sydney, Squidney, Squid, Sid, what ever you prefer to call her, dosen't exactly have her dream life. Her step dad hates her, her older brother Austin is in prison for something he didn't do, she's hated by all just because she's Liam Payne's best friend, and her ex Carrer is secretly after her. Enjoy the story of 17 year old Sydney Morgan in my first novel, broken. Will Liam be able to put her life back together piece by piece? It's time for you to find out the rest! Go. Read. It. Now. And remember to eat your feelings. (that has nothing to do with the book lol)


8. Secrets revealed

Three hours later...
Sydney's POV:
 I opened my eyes and almost screamed. I had forgotten I was at Liam's and thought I was kidnapped okay? 
 I held it in and calmed down.
 "L-Liam?" I called.
 He came running in. He knows something is wrong. He knows I need him. If only he knew, I love him.
 "Yeah?" he asked.
 "what time is it?" 
 "what's for dinner?"
 "umm, I don't know. Would you like to go out or...?"
 "I want to eat here." I said.
 "yeah that's fine."
 "Mac n' cheese?" I asked a smile creeping up on my face.
 Liam laughed and nodded.
 We walked into the kitchen and I got out a pot and the Mac n' cheese from the pantry. Liam boiled the water and put the Mac n' cheese in the pot. I got out a wooden spoon an began to stir.
 "how long does this take?" I asked as I reached for the box.
 "umm, 10 to 20 minutes I think?"
 "yeah. I'm just starved." I laughed. "I wish it could cook faster." 
 "yeah. I wish somethings would go by faster too. But something's slower. I wish life went by slower. And I wish the arrival of pure happiness came by faster.
 "what do you mean?"
 "what do YOU mean what do I mean?"
 "I mean, what would make you totally happy?"
 "well, I would be really happy if the person I loved, loved me back."
 "are you kidding? Danielle loves you."
 "I don't mean Dani."
 What? What does he- Wait, does he mean that he likes me?
 "w-who do you mean then?" I asked.
 "that's for me to know, and for you to find out." he said.
 Keeping shut eh? Well that's a lot like him.
He slowly snaked his arms around my waist. He was unsteady. Like he doesn't know if it's an okay thing to do.
 I slowed my stirring and took a deep breath before putting my hand on top of Liam's. He gave me a gentle squeeze.
 "this is how it should be." he whispered.
 So, he does like me. I guess. But still, what about Danielle?
 "Liam I can't." I said.
 "why, Sid?"
 "cause. Cause of Dani. She's your girlfriend. You love her. She's an amazing dancer and I'm a worthless piece of crap. She's beautiful and I'm hideous."
 "you don't understand." he said.
 "what do I not understand? I understand you love her. I understand she's beautiful. I understand she's better than me. What more is there to understand?" I said dropping the spoon and raising my voice.
 "that I love you. And that you mean the world to me. And that Dani was to make you jealous. And that your a beautiful girl." he said.
"Pobody's Nerfect." he then added.
 Pobody's Nerfect? What? Oh wait...
 "I'm sorry. I truly mean it Li." I said.
 I really did mean sorry. For the first time ever.
 "there's nothing to be sorry for." he said.
 "I'm being a bitch." I sighed.
 "no your not. Now let's get the Mac n' cheese off the stove before it burns."  
We ate in an awkward silence. After I went back to bed. But this time, I lay awake.
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