Sydney, Squidney, Squid, Sid, what ever you prefer to call her, dosen't exactly have her dream life. Her step dad hates her, her older brother Austin is in prison for something he didn't do, she's hated by all just because she's Liam Payne's best friend, and her ex Carrer is secretly after her. Enjoy the story of 17 year old Sydney Morgan in my first novel, broken. Will Liam be able to put her life back together piece by piece? It's time for you to find out the rest! Go. Read. It. Now. And remember to eat your feelings. (that has nothing to do with the book lol)


6. Out and In

 "Sydney Avery Morgan!" I heard my dad call.
 Liam's face went pale. My dad hates him, he hates my dad.
 "go. Go quickly." I said.
 He ran out the door being careful to be quiet.
 "Yes father?" I asked as I straitened out my cami. 
 "Come here." he stated.
 I rushed to his in-home office.
 "I'm kicking you out." 
 "what? What do you mean?"
 "I mean pack your bags and go live on the streets. You promised you'd keep your grades up. Go pack." he said calmly.
 Oh yeah. I failed my math exam. 
 I let tears fall as I got my phone and ran to my room. 
 "answer please answer." I whispered as I dialed Liam's cell phone number.
 "What happened?" he asked when he answered.
 "Liam, pick me up in 2 hours." was all I said.
 "what wait why do you-"
I cut him off by hanging up.
 Liam's POV:
What happened? She isn't like this unless she's upset about something horribly serious. Well. I better get ready to face her father...
2 hours later.
Sydney's POV:
 Liam is taking to long. He's only down the street though...
I grabbed my bags and ran downstairs.
 "Where ya going?" Boyd asks.
 "Away." I said before stepping out of the house. 
 I sprinted down to Liam's house. Paparazzi were everywhere. Taking photos of me. In tears. Running to Liam's flat.
 I knocked and his door. Still crying. He opened it up just as he was sliding his coat on. Which he immediately gave up when he saw me. His jacket fell to the floor and he pulled me into a hug the second he realized it was me.
 "What's wrong? What happened? Why are you here?" he asks.
 "My dad kicked me out." I said.
 Liam, with our hesitation, got my bag and took it inside. I followed closely behind, still crying.
"It's all okay." he said as he pulled me into a hug.
 "My life sucks." I sniffed.
 "You know what, everything will be okay. Come live with me." he said calmly.
 Liam's POV:
I can only hope she says yes. I have the biggest crush on her ever.
Crap I forgot he's here.
 Squidney nodded. I guess that meant that she would move in.
 "You really want to move in love?" I asked. You know, just to be sure.
 She nodded again and squeezed me tighter. I've never before seen her like this. And I've known her since I was just 14.
 I went through it all with her. From her brother being taken away, to the death of her father. I know about the car accident her step father was in which is the reason he's a bit jacked in the head to this day. 
 I picked up Sid and laid her down on the couch then kissed her nose.
 "Love you babe, get some rest. I'll put your stuff in the guest room." 
She nodded and closed her eyes.
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