Sydney, Squidney, Squid, Sid, what ever you prefer to call her, dosen't exactly have her dream life. Her step dad hates her, her older brother Austin is in prison for something he didn't do, she's hated by all just because she's Liam Payne's best friend, and her ex Carrer is secretly after her. Enjoy the story of 17 year old Sydney Morgan in my first novel, broken. Will Liam be able to put her life back together piece by piece? It's time for you to find out the rest! Go. Read. It. Now. And remember to eat your feelings. (that has nothing to do with the book lol)


2. Ice cream parlor

Liam and I linked arms and skipped to a booth in the back. This is how I like things. Where we can be great friends. Close friends. I miss the old days. We're we could sit on the couch laughing at movies and other crazy things. Where we could go out in public without paparazzi and fans following us everywhere. I wish I could always be alone when I'm with him. I miss him. He's always away. Traveling the world. I want a chance. Just a chance. To spend time with him.
 "Y-your Liam Payne!" a obviously crazed fan said as she walked up to the booth.
 She glared at me. Obviously hating me already. But I'm used to it. People don't think I fit in. People think I can't be trusted. People hate me.
 "way to go Sherlock." I mumbled.
 She rolled her eyes.
 "Do you mind signing this?" she asked.
 "signing what?" Liam asked.
Okay so I'm not crazy. She isn't holding anything.
 "this." she said as she held up a funny baby picture of Liam.
 I covered my mouth and started laughing. But I quickly stopped. I hate my laugh an I hate laughing. Nothing should be happy. Not anymore. Not after my dad. Not after Austin. Not after Carter.
 "Oh umm, okay." Liam said blushing like mad.
 He quickly signed it and the girl walked away.
 "Nice." I said and I patted his back.
 "Shut up." he laughed.
After we ate, we went on a walk.
 "So, how are things going with Boyd?" Liam asked.
Liam and Boyd are like brothers. They're so close.
 "He's fine." I sighed.
 "And you step dad?"
 "He's getting better. Ever since the accident he hasn't been acting the same though. Boyd hasn't either."
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