Save A Life

Emma is not like anyone else. She can predict the future, the scary part? She predict peoples deaths. Every night she dreams about the time, place, and how someone will die, and then she cheats death. No one knows about this and she would rather not tell anyone. But one day when she saves a beautiful boy, he sticks around long enough to be able t find out. Emma trys everything she can to get rid of him, I mean, it would be wierd seeing her wake up screaming everyday. Oh and did i meantion her purple eyes?


4. The Plan

*Louis P.O.V*


I was scrolling through twitter on my phone. No one had found her yet. Lots of fans have sent me pictures of themselves but i could tell it wasnt her. Why was she so impossible to find?


I dont know what it was, but there was something about her that made me want to know more.


I looked up to see all the boys staring at me,concern written across their faces. "Lou, mate, you hav been sitting her for an hour. You have to give it up." Harry said gently.

I sat up in the chair. "I cant, theres just something about her. I need to know!" you could tell i was desperate.

Harry sighed."Well she just somehow knew you were going to be......killed,right" he hesitated on the word killed. It was a scary thought, this girl just saved my life.

I shooked my head yes. "Well then, theres only one thing we can do" Harry said and then explained the plan.

*Emmas P.O.V*

Itr was getting very dark and cold outside, but i just had a crazy feeling. So i kept walking, turning left and right. There was no one outside, and there was a creepy vibe all around me.

I pushed my sunglasses up on my face and hugged myself tight as it got colder outside.

I started walking down and empty street. I sighed, what was i doing?

Then i saw two figures stading on the other side of the street. Oh great, im going to be mugged just because i had a feeling.

I stopped and leaned against the fence. They were just standing there and when they saw me, one of thhe figures walked to the middle of the road and stood there.

What? Why am i here? I rolled my eyes and started to turn to leave when i saw a car. Speeding. And coming right twards the figure in the road.

I trned back around. The faint lights from the car allowed me to make out the figure. It was Louis Tomlinson.

oh god no. What was he doing? Get out of the road! He just stood there as the car drew closer.What was he playing at?

I started running and i jumped straight at Louis. I knocke him down onto the side walk, the car speed past.

I was on top of Louis and i just stared at him as he smiled stupidly.

I got up off of him and he picked himself up. I put my hands on my hips,anger filling my body."What the hell is wrong with you!? Did you not listen to what i said?" I questioned, recallng the first time i saved him.

"I just needed to see you" he said quietly.

I dropped my hands to my sides. I looked down, i could feel the heat rising to my cheecks. No! There was no way i could fall for a superstar.


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