Save A Life

Emma is not like anyone else. She can predict the future, the scary part? She predict peoples deaths. Every night she dreams about the time, place, and how someone will die, and then she cheats death. No one knows about this and she would rather not tell anyone. But one day when she saves a beautiful boy, he sticks around long enough to be able t find out. Emma trys everything she can to get rid of him, I mean, it would be wierd seeing her wake up screaming everyday. Oh and did i meantion her purple eyes?


9. The Message

I shot up in bed, sweating. I had the same dream, the one with the hooded figure. What was that about? Why wasnt i dreaming about the way people are leaving this world, but instead something that might not even exist.

I looked around, it was still dark outside, and the shadows in my room seemed to move. I slowly brought my knees up to my chest and hugged them.

I looked over at my clock, it was 1:37 a.m. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun, out of my face. I rubbed my face and slowed my breathing, trying to calm my thoughts.


My head shot up, and my gaze was brought to the window. I searched the woods, and i could just make out the black figure as it darted into the trees. My eyes widened and my breathe became faster.

I slowly swung my legs off the bed, and tiptoed over to the dresser. I pulled the drawers opened and searched for the flshlight i kept in there.

I pushed my close out of the way and found it. i snatched it up and clicked the light on. I pointed the light to the window and my heart skipped a beat. I stood frozen, my mouth hung open.

There, one the window, freshly spray painted in white, were the words THE GIFT IS "DEAD". It was dripping down the window. What did that mean? How did they know i no longer was having "the dreams"?

Who was this? I walked back to my bed, shaking. I slowly got under the covers and i clicked the flash light off.I closed my eyes and started to drift off the sleep.


I woke up and i had another dream were it was just nothing. What was going on? Was it true, did i no longer have the gift?Wait....

I looked over at the window and nearly screamed. The writing was gone. Not even a smug of white was left. It was like it never happened.


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