Save A Life

Emma is not like anyone else. She can predict the future, the scary part? She predict peoples deaths. Every night she dreams about the time, place, and how someone will die, and then she cheats death. No one knows about this and she would rather not tell anyone. But one day when she saves a beautiful boy, he sticks around long enough to be able t find out. Emma trys everything she can to get rid of him, I mean, it would be wierd seeing her wake up screaming everyday. Oh and did i meantion her purple eyes?


1. The Boy

I screamed and sat up in bed. I could feel sweat prickling my skin and i was panting hard. I hugged my knees and started rocking back an forth, trying to slow my breathing. I looked to my left and snatched my notebook and pencil.

I franticaly wrote down everything that happened in my dream. The boy, stepping out onto the street, and then the car that wouldnt slow down. I wrote down the place and time his life would end. I slowly put down my notebook and looked at my digital clock.

Shit. It was 11:05 and I had to be there in 20 minutes to save him. I shot up out of bed and pulled on some jeans and a black hoodie. I grabbed my dark sunglasses and checked the time.

11:08. I pushed the door open and ran through the garden.

Oh yah, I live in the garden in my very own little house. Its better then having to live in the same house of my bitchy aunt and cousin.

I jumped over every plant that i could without slowing myself down. I pushed open the gate and sprinted as fast as i could. As soon as i saw people i pulled my hood up and put my sunglasses on.

I stopped in a crowd of people and searched around for the boy. My eyes darted everywhere but then stopped as i saw him. He was paying attention the the phone in his hand. I ran as hard as i could and pushed through the crowd.

Sweat trickled down my face as i saw the black car going to fast. The boy was about to step of the sidewalk but i pushed myself forward and graed hisstriped shirt and pulled him back.

The car sped past and i let out a huge breathe. I bent over, my hands on my knees, and tried to calm down.

The boy turned, his blueish green eyes were filled with fright and suprise. I smiled and stood up, still breathing hard. He just staed at me. "H-how did you do that?" he asked shankingly. I looked at him for awhile.

He was a very handsome boy. His brown hair looked messy yet very stylish, and his eyes were gorgeous. "Just promise me you'll look both ways before crossing the road" Wow. smooth.

I turned on my heel and ran, ignoring his calls. I could hear people whispering things like "Its her" and "Mystery girl?" What a clever name. Well, atleast they dont know who i really am.


I opened the door to the main house where my aunt and cousin stayed. I tryed to stay as queit as possibleso they wouldnt know i had just been gone.

Also the fact that i had used the front entrance. Aunt Carter always wants me to use the back entrance so the neighbours dont know i live here.

I looked around. That was odd. The house was strangley quiet. This house is never quiet, usually the wicked witch is storming around the house tryng to find something to complain about.

But maybe the house as empty. Maybe my luck has changed. I crepted into the kitchen. Empty. I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the counter. Sitting there was todays paper. The headline read "Mystery Girls saves another". I rolled my eyes. Genius headline.

I picked up the paper and sat on the stool. There was a picture of the oldman i saved yesterday. He was going to have a heart attack and the ambulance wouldnt have made it in time.

I smiled as i skimmed through the words he said.

"I wish i could have gotten her name"

"Shes my savour."

"I wish i could repay her somehow"

My smile faded. Everyone thought i wanted something in return. Maybe a ticked out of this house would be nice.

I opened the drawer and grabbed the scissors. I cut out the article and stuffed the scissors back in the drawer. I made my way outside and to my room, house, thing.

I plopped down on my bed and picked up my other notebook. I opened up to a blank page and grabbed some glue. I glued in the article, I had every story about a life i saved glued into this book. I kept this to remeber the smiles on peoples faces as i cheated death.

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