Save A Life

Emma is not like anyone else. She can predict the future, the scary part? She predict peoples deaths. Every night she dreams about the time, place, and how someone will die, and then she cheats death. No one knows about this and she would rather not tell anyone. But one day when she saves a beautiful boy, he sticks around long enough to be able t find out. Emma trys everything she can to get rid of him, I mean, it would be wierd seeing her wake up screaming everyday. Oh and did i meantion her purple eyes?


5. *Authors Note*

*Authors Note*

First of all, thank you for reading my story! I never thought i would get this many views!

Second, does anyone think i should have a contest? Maybe for someone to be a character in my book? But what would the new character do? Or maybe its to early to be doing a contest.

Please everyone tell me your thoughts! I would highly appreciate it! Thanks.


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