Save A Life

Emma is not like anyone else. She can predict the future, the scary part? She predict peoples deaths. Every night she dreams about the time, place, and how someone will die, and then she cheats death. No one knows about this and she would rather not tell anyone. But one day when she saves a beautiful boy, he sticks around long enough to be able t find out. Emma trys everything she can to get rid of him, I mean, it would be wierd seeing her wake up screaming everyday. Oh and did i meantion her purple eyes?


10. Attacked

Something bad was going on, i could just feel it. I felt like everywhere i went i was being....watched, or followed.

Ispun around, only tro see the empty street i was walking on. The same street i was the other night, when i saved louis for the second time.

Thinking about saving his life made me tear up a bit. What if my curse really was gone? What if the haunting dreams had vanished? what if i was free?

But what about the lifes that are taken away by mistake? The ones that i had he chance to save. I had to figure out what was going on, with the dreams and the new stalker i had created.

It was starting to get dark and cold, so i hugged myself tight and rubbed my arms. Wait..why did i go on this walk? Its dark,cold, and im thinking there Emma.

I started to take shaky breathes and increase my speed to a power walk. I pushed my sunglasses up on my face and put my hood up.


There it was, the sound that made my heart rate go crazy. I stopped in my tracks, and slowly looked over my shoulder.

Coming out of the woods, dressed in all black, face covered, was the creeper i ran into the other day on the street, the one who spay painted my window, and the one who was haunting my dream and mind.

Suddently, i forgot how to breathe or move.

We were about ten feet apart, just standing still and staring at eachother. My heart was pounding against my chest.

Then, the stranger started to run. Right at me.

I gasped and started running, almost tripping over my feet. I ran as hard as i could, trying to think of a way out. But the only thing running through my head was the thought of being attacked.

i was terrified, and i could feel tears threatening to spill. My breathe was coming out in short gasps, and my throat bagan to feel sore.

The cold air wasnt helping, as i began to feel numb. My mind was racing, heart was pounding, and it was becoming hard to breathe.

My feet clacked against the sidewalk and i could feel the tears begining to spill. i didnt know what to do.

I looked back over my shoulder and gasped, he hooded stranger was gone. I stopped in my tracks and looked everywhere. I began to walk backward, my eyes darting to the woods, streets, and shadows along the fence.

Where did the go? Was it there job to torment me? I wipped my eyes wth the back of my hands and turned arond on my feet.

What i saw made me scream and start to tear up again.

I was lookig into the darkness of the hood of the stranger. My breathing became raspy again and he cold aair seemed to reach my blood.

Then, in one swift movement, i was tackled to the ground. My head slammed to the concrete, sending a sharp pain throghout my whole head.

I tried to get away but my arms were being firmly held down and my legs were being crushed by all of the attackers body weight.

My heart was once again thumping, and i felt like it was going to burst through my chest. I was crying an choking on my own sobs.

The hooded figure took one hand and striked me across the face. My cheek began to burn in pain and i shut     my eyes tight, trying to contain my tears.

Both of my arms were being held down by one of the atackers arms and they leaned forward a bit to add exra weight.

The stalker reached their other arm into their back pocket and pulled out a knife. My eyes grew wide and my breathe quickened. The blade of the weapen shined in the moon light.

Te stranger slowly brought the knife down to my left wrist and glidded across my skin. I could feel the warm blood drip down my skin.

They cut me again, below the first cut. I screamed in agony, my feet kicking and my arms twitching. I could feel my wrist being cut up, but not to deeply, just deep enough to get me to scream.

I was crying, screaming, and my mind was racing. I was thinking about the posiibllity of dying, right here, right now.

Then, i felt the weight being lifted off of me. My knees suddently felt sore and my left arm was stinging. I couldnt even process what happened, I just layed in the hard concrete.

But then i rolled my head to the side, the attacker was being attacked. My attacher threw a puch, bt my saver dodged it. My saver pushed the stalker to the ground, hard. They fell with a thud, but quickly got back up, tripping over there feet, turned and ran away.

My saver watched them run off and then turned to me. They got down on there knees and got up in my face.

The last thing i saw was the sparkling eyes of the boy i saved twice before the darkness closed around me.




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