My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


4. The Shock

* sorry fir any speeling or grammar mistakes...i am nit that great. Hope u like it!*

Catalina's POV

There was a long pause. " Uhh look Liam I just got out of a serious relationship and I loved him and then he cheated. I am so sorry but," tears flowed out of my eyes. " I can't Liam I am so sorry." I ran and heard Liam running after me, but he slowed down until he stopped.

Liams POV

I still can't belive this happened. I ran to Catalina, but the pain in my heart I just could not handle it. I stopped and let her run out of sight. I ran the opposite direction to go to my house. The boys followed me. They were always there for me. Tears went out of my eyes. I tried to keep them in but the thought of Catalina loving someone else...someone who is a chaeting...I cant curse not even in my head...I got home I sat down and cried. The boys came in to cheer me up.
" Look Liam you guys can still be friends or something" Zayn said.
" So ummm its ok uhhh basicly there are many fish in the sea" Harry said.
" Liam look you are very hadsome and a lot of girls love you" Louis said.
" You are my best friend trust me she will come back" Niall said.
They kept on going to try to cheer me up, but nothing worked. Finally I said " Boys I appreciate what you are doing for me but Catalina is special! I cant get her out of my mind! I am nervous when I talk to her. I love her!"
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