My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


8. The Fight

Catalina's POV

Liam had already got out of the hospital and we are now official boyfriend and girlfriend. Today we are going to the dock with the carnival on it. We went with Niall and Louren. We were there for an hour before things got bad.
" I love you Liam" I said.
" Love you too...UGH" Liam grunted after a guy punched him in the gut hard.
" Liam are you ok" I said wlaking toward him.
"Cata please come back" I heard a fimiliar voice say. It was Nick he was the only oerson that called me 'Cata'.
Liam got up and punched Nick across the face.
"Guys calm down dont fight" Niall said getting inbetween the boys.
Nick punched Niall really hard and nocked him out.
I yelled so did Louren.
"So you are already have up Cata huh." Nick said nastily.
Liam tried to punch him, but Nick blocked him then kicked him in the face.
Nick then punched Liam in the jaw then the neck. Niall was still on the floor with a bleading head and passed out. Louren went to go help him.
"Cata why do you want these losers who cant fight." Nick said while Liam puched him in the jaw.
"Ahhhh" Nick yelled. He came after me. Nick grabbed my neck and took me with him.
"AHHH" I yelled, but Liam was to weak and worn out.


I tried to run after Nick who took Catalina, nut O was too waek right now. The last thing I saw from them was Nick nocking her out and carrying her away. I called 911 to get help for Niall. I will find Catalina soon. I will get revenge!
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