My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


3. The Date

Liam's POV
It was 5 days after I met Catalina. We had texted, but we never saw eachother in person again. She was all I could think of. Her curly hair that is brown on the top and gets lighter and lighter as it gose down to her blond tips. Her big brown eyes and kind smile. I picked up the phone and called her.
" Hello" I heard her say.
"Hey Catalina uhhh want to hang out friday" I said nervously.
" Sure sounds like fun"
We hung up. I felt something with her. I felt love.
Catalina's POV
Friday came and I dressed my best. I wore a lavender crop top with a cup cake on it. Short jean shorts with studs on the back pocket. I also wore my black sandals. I heard a door bell ring. I ran to the door. When I opened it I saw Niall.
"Uhhh hi Niall"
We spoke on the phone or Face Time, but neber in person.
"Well hello you were expecting Liam, well he sent me
to get u."
We walked outside and got into the limo abd found the rest of the boys, but no Liam. I stayed quiet because i was shy.
We stopped at a beautiful park and I fiund Liam outside with a rose in his hand. I walked outside to greet him.
" Hi Liam nice to see you again!"
" Catalina, uhhh will you please be my uhhh girlfriend because I uhhh love you" he said
I gasped.
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