My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


12. The Big Save

LIAM'S POV. I got to the wear house with the cops. We busted the door open and found a girl and a guy. The girl was nocked out and bleeding. The guy had a worried face then he ran away. The cops went and chased him. I went to the girl. It was Catalina. She was bleading to death. She had a deep cut across her chest and a hole in her stomache. She was naked. Tears came out of my eyes. I called 911 to save her. I couldn't move, I couldn't breath. Was she dead? The cops came back. "We couldn't get him." they said. I couldn't speak. I got do angry at Nick. Look what he did to poor poor Catalina. "Ok" I managed to say. The ambulance came and took Catalina away. I went into my car and drove to the hospital. I saw her hopeless body. "She lost a lot of blood, but she is not dead, we can save her. " the doctor said. "Ok" I said. "But she is in a coma because we found a hole in her head. " More tears came out. "I am so sorry." the doctor said. I nodded my head. I went home. The boys were there with Louren. "How is she?" Harry asked. "She has a coma and a big hole in her head and stomache and a huge cut across her chest. She was naked when we found her. Nick did this. I WILL GET HIM." I said angrily and sadly. Tears were coming out of my eyes. The boys were saying things to comfort me. I couldn't listen I was thinking of what Nick did to her. I went to the bedroom and layed there. "Hey mate, it's ok she will be fine" I heard Niall say. "I know it's just what Nick did to her. What he could've done to her. SHE WAS NAKED ON THE FLOOR DYING AND HE WAS LAUGHING. " I said. "Nick better sleep with one eye open."
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