My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


7. The Best Friend Who Betrayed


I saw Liam laying there in the hospital bed.
" Hi there" i said sweetly.
"Catalina is that really you?"
"yes Liam it is"
"Why did you run away..."
"i dont know i just... I love you!"
" I love you wat do u say?"
" Yes!"
Then Louren came in the room with Niall.
"Sooo how is everything?" Louren asked.
"Good, oh uh Liam this is my best friend Louren"
"Wait, BFF? didnt Nick cheat on you with her?" Liam said confused.
"Liam, He cheated with my ex bff, Katie. She was never to nice...we were kinda her followers, we just hung around her to be popular. Now people are gonna make fun of us now after spring break."
"Sweetie, u dont need to be popular! You are beautiful the way you are" Liam and Niall said.(Liam to me and Niall to Louren)
"Wait 'Sweetie'???" I asked Louren and Niall.
"Yah we are kinda dating!"
"Liam and i are too!"
The doctor came in " Hello uh Liam you will be getting out in a week or so"
"YAY" we all said!!
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