My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


2. Liam

" Now why would a preety lady like you be crying" he said.
I told him about my boyfriend and what he did. "And now I am here." I said as I finished my story.
" Why would andone want to cheat on you! You are perfect! He is dumb and dosen't deserve you! Now love what is your name."
" Catalina, Catalina is my name." He made me feel better. I felt confertable around him.
" Catalina, thats is a very preety name! Well I have to get going here is my number feel free to call me any time!"
" Uhhh here is my number" I told him my number. After that we went our seperate ways. Moments later I heard my phone go off. It read a number i didn't know.
I answered it. " Hello love, just wanted to see if this number is real. I don't want to loose you." I heard Liam say.
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