My Soulmate

this is a fan fict about a girl who meets Liam Payne and they fall in love...


11. Liam Now Knows


I am so scared. What could Nick be doing to Catalina? Had he aleready killed her? Dose he rape her. I have no idea. It has been 10 weeks and no one can find Nick. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the knife. Before I could do anything I heard my phone ring. I answered it.
"Liam hello are you there!" I heard Catalina's sweet voice.
"CATALINA you're ok!!" I yelled "Where are you?" "Liam the only way I can be freed is if I...I...I" "You you what Catalina speak!" "I have to no longer see you." That broke my heart. Nick is a sick man! When Catalina said that I heard the fear and sadness in her voice. "Soo I guesse we will no longer see each-" "NO LIAM I can't I LOVE YOU! We are in a wear house in the far side of Londen" she was speaking in a whisper. "Catalina how did you get this phone." I asked confused. " Liam just come before....NICK NO...AHHH!!!" Then she hung up. I called 911 and told them the information I knew. I was scared what Nick s doing to Catalina.


NO NICK CAN'T DO THIS. "So you decided to tell Liam where we are at. Well now you will have to pay for disobaing me." He grabbed a knife and cut my bare breasts. "AHHH Nick no" He then stabbed my stomache and left me there about to die. Blood dripped down and the last thing I heard was Nick the dirty scum say "Poor Cata she never should have left me."
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