The day i lost it

17 year old Sarah and her 11 year old sister Katie go to Nandos when they bump into one direction. Harry starts to fall in love with Sarah and so does she. The guys start to hang out more with Sarah than Katie that Katie starts to get jealous. Katie gets so upset about it that she runs away. Will Sarah and the boys go after Katie ? Will Katie ever come back and If she does will she still be a fan of the boys.


4. True love

Nialls P.O.V

When the girls said they had to go right now I was sadder than everyone else but i think Harry was a little more sadder than me. I didn't want them to leave because i really like Katie. She is beautiful,tall,and has beautiful brown eyes with brown wavy hair.When i heard that she eats a lot i got even more interested in her cause I always say I want a girl who eats a lot just like me,so Katie might be my true love. Then I heard they were coming with us I had a big smile on my face and Harrys smile was from ear to ear,i think he has a crush on Sarah,she is pretty but i say Katie is beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her until the boys told me to go into the car. I sat next to Katie and Harry was next to sarah,there was an awkward silence between us until i broke the silence."Sooo... what is going on right now" I said calmly "well... i'm from America,Texas, soo... I'm not around here" she said nervously . " O ok.. so why are you here in England,london" " well my mom lives here and her family is British so.. were visiting her, since we haven't seen her in a log time since my dad and her got divorced".She said all sad and rubbing her eyes on the last part,so i gave her a hug to make me feel better but at first I felt how weird she felt until she got comfortable, I let her go and i can tell she was blushing then she was looking at Sarah and stopped blushing and i saw that Sarah was looking at us weird and telling katie what was she doing until she saw me looking and looked away and went back to talking with Harry.I was thinking about what happen until we arrived to their house,we walked them to their house as were about to say goodbye the paparazzi showed up then we asked "do you have a back door so we can stay at your house and wait for the paparazzi to be gone" "um yeah,come on hurry" Katie said.We went to the back door and closed and covered the windows in the house,we sat on the couch watching T.V while Katie was in the shower and Sarah in the kitchen talking to the rest of the boys. I was going to ask Katie for her phone number but she was in the shower and i'm going to find out what was that in the car.

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