The day i lost it

17 year old Sarah and her 11 year old sister Katie go to Nandos when they bump into one direction. Harry starts to fall in love with Sarah and so does she. The guys start to hang out more with Sarah than Katie that Katie starts to get jealous. Katie gets so upset about it that she runs away. Will Sarah and the boys go after Katie ? Will Katie ever come back and If she does will she still be a fan of the boys.


2. One direction

Sarah's P.O.V.

I was shocked. There was One direction and I didn't even know it. No wonder they looked familiar.  My sister always talks about them and even has posters of them everywhere in her room. She listens to their music every time were in the car and even on our drive over here. I looked at my sister, she looked starstrucked and was about to explode. I was still shocked that I didn't realize they were one direction. Just then the boys chuckled, which pulled me out of my thoughts, "haha, its ok Sarah u didn't know we were one direction. I thought u would since your sister is a big fan,"louis said. " Can i get your autograph and get a picture with you" Katie said right away. You could tell she was blushing and nervous.  She was looking at Naill the most because of the huge crush she has on him. After Katie got their autograph and a picture with them I said, "I can't believe i didn't know you were one direction when Katie always talks about y'all and has billons of posters of you," the boys laughed as they went to sit down at the table and ate our food.  Sarah and Katie looked at each other and at the same time said,"Hey, there eating our food!".

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