The day i lost it

17 year old Sarah and her 11 year old sister Katie go to Nandos when they bump into one direction. Harry starts to fall in love with Sarah and so does she. The guys start to hang out more with Sarah than Katie that Katie starts to get jealous. Katie gets so upset about it that she runs away. Will Sarah and the boys go after Katie ? Will Katie ever come back and If she does will she still be a fan of the boys.


3. Driving us home

Sarha's P.O.V

After me and Katie bought more food,because the boys ate our food and Katie was mad at them for that cause she's always hungry I don't know why but she is. I look at my watch and I see that we have to go so I told the boys,"hey guys I'm sorry we have to go home my mom is waiting for us and she's going to be mad if we don't go right now". I see the sad expressions on their faces but i see Harry's and Niall's faces look more sadder then everyones else's. " do we have to go, I want to stay here with the boys and eat all day" Katie says with a grumpy voice, the boys laugh and harry says "you are just like niall always complain and always hungry about food". We laugh and i see Niall and Katie's faces looks of ebressment, "we can take you to your house if you want" Harry says in excitement. "thats sweet but if i go with you guys then who's going to take my car and Katie doesn't even know how to drive yet" i say in a apology voice but then louis shouts "I CAN DRIVE YOUR CAR AND YA'LL CAN GO INTO OUR CAR" "ok", I say out of no where. " YEAH " shouts Katie, I laugh and get into their car with Katie and give Louis the keys to my car.

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