The day i lost it

17 year old Sarah and her 11 year old sister Katie go to Nandos when they bump into one direction. Harry starts to fall in love with Sarah and so does she. The guys start to hang out more with Sarah than Katie that Katie starts to get jealous. Katie gets so upset about it that she runs away. Will Sarah and the boys go after Katie ? Will Katie ever come back and If she does will she still be a fan of the boys.


1. Going to nandos

Sarah's P.O.V.

Me and my sister Katie went to Nandos because my sister LOVES!!!!! it. I gave her the money to pay for our food while I found us a table to sit down. I then saw a pack of screaming girls by the doors, but I didn't care because there are always a lot of famous people in London, but then all of a sudden I saw 5 cute tall boys that looked familiar but I couldn't figure out who they were but at the same time I couldn't stop looking at them. One of the boys had blonde hair and blue eyes.  Another one of the boys had curly brown hair and green eyes while wearing a blue bow tie. The third guy was wearing a striped shirt with suspenders on his pants and had brown greenish eyes.  The fourth guy had brown wavy hair with a black earring which made him look cool and really cute and was also wearing sagging pants.  The fifth and last guy had curly wavy hair with brown eyes. The one with curly brown hair and green eyes came up to me and said "Hi my name is Harry", then I said nervously, "uuuummmmm... hi my name is Sarah". "So what are u doing here by yourself?", Harry said. "Oh uh I'm just waiting for my sister to get our food", I responded.  "Well you can sit with me and my lads while you wait", he said. "Umm ok!", I said. I then followed Harry as we walked over to their table when Harry said to the boys, "hey guys i would like you to meet Sarah!". "HEY!", they all said at the same time. "Sarah, I would like you to meet Louie, Naill, Zayn, and Liam"  I could hardly speak as I said hi to everyone. Then Louis said, "oohhh Harry I see you found a girlfriend huh", while laughing. I could feel my self blushing. "Shut up louis", Harry said while he turned and smiled at me and couldn't help but just smile back. Then my sister Katie came and said, "There you are I've been looking for you everywh....", then she paused.  She was staring at the boys and looked shocked. She looked like she was about to faint so I got up to walk to her side to see what was wrong. "What is it?", I said.  She then stuttered, "You.. yourr...  your One Direction!!!!". 

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