Imading you and Niall falling asleep under the stars.


2. The Arrival

LUCY'S POV: I can't wait to see Niall horan my boyfriend from the band one direction. The boys are coming over too. They are spending the the month at my pent house in manhattan New York. Niall and I met in Pittsburgh in 2013 when they had their concert there. I was singing on the side walk trying to make a little money when I saw the guys from one direction walking towards be smiling. After my song was over Harry said that I was a great singer as well as the rest of them. I told them that lived there music and that they were a true inspiration. They had left for. A few mineutd but cam back with some news for me, " hey we talk to Simon and we sent him a video of you singing and he said the he loved your voice and that you where a great singer . He wants you to preform as an Openinf act for Act" Louis practically yelled. Of course I accepted and now I have a record deal and sing for Sony records. The same as One direction. That's how I can afford a pent house.

Just then I saw Niall come out of the gate and he looked around for me and when he saw me he left his bags behind and took of run towards me with a huge smile on his face. He spun me around and I giggled. Then we kissed and he finally realeasted me do u could say hello to the boys and hug them. We took a cab to my apartment building and got the boys settled down into there room witch had three bunk beds and a king sized bed. Two of the walls had tvs do they would nt fight over what they wanted to watch.
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