Another World

Jessica went to England for the summer with her mom. She thought it was going to be a normal summer vacation until she runs into One Direction and her world turns around. But what happens to her dad? Her freind? Niall? Her whole life? Read and find out. (This is not going to end like most 1D fan fictions, just so you know)


14. We're going to the hospital, again

     I was walking down the street with Selena. The afternoon sun was beating down on us. The traffic was rushing past us.

    "Oh, look who it is," A familiar voice behind me sneered. Selena turned around and mumbled under her breath. I slowly turn around. Great. Why did Johnna always have to turn up at the worst times? And she was with her clique this time. This isn't going to be good. I turned around to keep walking when two of the girls appeared in front of me and pushed me back.

     "Just leave us alone," Selena said.

     "Why should we?" Johnna answered,"I heard that someone was going to be in England this summer, what are you doing here?" She asked turning to me. I turned around yet again to leave because of the tears that I felt coming. I ran of, forgetting about Selena, not wanting to show any weakness to her. As I neared Selena's house, the tears spilled over.

    "Jess! Jess! Wait up!" I heard Selena call. I ignored her. When I was walking up the steps I tripped and heard a crack. A sharp pain shot up my leg.

     "Ouch!" I cried out in pain. I looked down and my leg was bleeding. Blood was pouring out, onto the steps. Selena got there and gasped. She then helped me get to her car and she drove me to the hospital.


     Hey guys! Sorry it's so short, I've had a busy day...anyway, if you want to be a character in the story, just comment below saying stuff like his/her name, what he/she does,his/her relationship with any of the characters, description of apperance, anything really. I will try to get as many of you guys in as I can! Also, if you want to co author or anything, just leave a comment saying that you would like to. If you have suggestions, just tell me! Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! I will try and update tomorrow, Thanks! :) <3

-Niall's mine

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