Another World

Jessica went to England for the summer with her mom. She thought it was going to be a normal summer vacation until she runs into One Direction and her world turns around. But what happens to her dad? Her freind? Niall? Her whole life? Read and find out. (This is not going to end like most 1D fan fictions, just so you know)


4. Niall's in love

      I just sat there speechless. Niall Horan was right there in front of me. I couldn't believe it. I regathered myself and opened my mouth to speak when there was a knock on the door.

     "Come in," Niall called. His Irish accent was even cuter in person. Harry Styles poked his head in the door.

     "Can I come in?" He asked softly.

     "Yeah, why don't you keep her company? I have to go to the bathroom anyway." He answered as he walked out.

     "Hello. How are you feeling? I'm Harry what's your name?" He asked quietly. He moved over to the side of the bed slowly.

     "I'm fine, My head just really hurts. My names Jessica, but you can call me Jess."

     "Well hello Jess. Your mom is on her way."

Niall's P.O.V.

     I made my way to the waiting room from the bathroom. I couldn't stop thinking about that girl. What did her mum call her? Jess! That's right her name is Jess. She was beautiful. Her bright blue eyes sparkled like diamonds. I'm glad she is okay.

     "Hey Niall! Is she okay?"Louis asked and snapped me out of my daze.

     "Uh Yeah. She just woke up, Harry is with her right now," I answered quietly,"You guys can go see her. Her mum will be here any minute."

     "Hey mate, You okay? You seem a little out of it," Liam asked watching me carefully.

     "Yeah, sorry," I answered trying to regain my posture.

     "Oh come on Liam! Can't you tell? Niall's in looove." Louis said right before he laughed.

     "Shut up Louis!" I snapped.

     "Niall's in love! Niall's in love!" Louis began to chant.

     "Come on Lou, leave him alone." Zayn said quietly."

      Who I think is her mum came in and asked, "Where's Jess? Is she okay?"

     "Yes, she's fine. Go down the hall, It's the second door on the right." I answered. She left quickly to find her daughter.

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