Another World

Jessica went to England for the summer with her mom. She thought it was going to be a normal summer vacation until she runs into One Direction and her world turns around. But what happens to her dad? Her freind? Niall? Her whole life? Read and find out. (This is not going to end like most 1D fan fictions, just so you know)


5. Niall?

     "Come on guys, let's go see how she is doing," Liam said as he walked out the door. Louis and Zayn followed. I just sat there thinking about Jessica. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

Harry's P.O.V.

     Jessica's mom came rushing in. "Jessica! Are you okay sweetie? Do you need something?" She asked very loudly.

     "Mom I have a headache, be quiet!" She sighed," I'm alright and no I don't need anything."

     "Sorry sweetie, just glad to see your okay. I've gotta go to Kris's house and help with dinner, a lot of people came while you were away, they are all very anxious. Well get well soon, Bye." She followed me as I left the room. I closed the door behind her and she turned around,"Call me if you need anything, take care of her."

     "We will," Liam answered coming from the waiting room,"Don't worry she will be fine with us."

     "Okay, but still call me if you need anything, Here's my number," She handed them a piece of paper and left the hospital.

     "Where's Niall?"I asked.

     "He's probably still in the waiting room, he seemed a little dazed," Liam answered.

     "Niall's in love! Niall's in love! Niall's in love!" Louis began to chant.

    "Louis! Shut up!" Zayn told him.

     "Come on guys, Let's see how she is doing," Liam said motioning for them to go in the room. Once they had shut the door behind them I set off to find Niall. I found a note in the waiting room saying he had gone for a walk. knew something was up and I wanted to make him feel better. Just one problem, I don't know how.

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