Another World

Jessica went to England for the summer with her mom. She thought it was going to be a normal summer vacation until she runs into One Direction and her world turns around. But what happens to her dad? Her freind? Niall? Her whole life? Read and find out. (This is not going to end like most 1D fan fictions, just so you know)


13. America

     Louis and Zayn walked in and kneeled beside me. I looked up and saw Zayn looking at the note in disbelief. Louis was just staring at the carpet, avoiding my eyes. Zayn looked up from the note.

     "It will be okay. She will be okay," he said quietly, obviously he was just trying to comfort me. There was that hint of doubt in his voice.

     "I'm sorry, Liam." Louis whispered, finally looking at me.

     "For what? None of this is your fault. She would have found out one way or another." I answer. He just looked at me, confused, and stood up. Slowly he made his way out of the room, closing the door behind him. Zayn just sat there beside me, and didn't get up until I did.

Niall's P.O.V.

     Harry was beside me. Trying to calm me down, but I wasn't even listening to what he was saying. My head was buried in my hands, and I was on my bed. I couldn't believe she left. How could she? She didn't even say goodbye. Well, I guess she was right. We wouldn't have let her leave but still.

Jessica's P.O.V.

     The flight home was long and I had to travel by myself. I couldn't stop thinking about the fact my friend, Kalee, killed herself. Or how my dad was in the hospital. Or the fact I didn't even say goodbye to them! I just left! The guilt was eating away at my insides. They are going to be so mad. They might even just try to forget me. But I had to get to America. I had to. The plane stopped and I got off. My friend, Selena, was standing there, waiting for me. She drove me to her house and we talked about how the summer was so far. She freaked out when I told her I was staying with One Direction.

      We got to her house and I hopped out. Her small black labrador jumped around me playfully. I bent down and pet his head slowly.

      "Hey Chance! How have you been?" I say. I stood up and went to get my bags from the trunk. Then I walked up the front steps and into her house. I looked around.

      "I haven't been here in a while," I say under my breath. I walk up the stairs and go into Selena's room. She had set up my makeshift bed before I had got up there. It looked sort of comforatable. Sort of. I plunked my stuff down beside my bed. I looked out the window and had a gorgeous view staring back at me.The sunset was beautiful. The mountains and meadows in the distance. I was spectacular! I turned around to see Selena's little sister, her arms were open as if wanting a hug. I walked over to her and picked her up, her pig tails bouncing.

     "Hey Jessica!" She said sweetly. WHen I put her down she just watched me as if she was waiting for something. Oh right! I had promised to bring her something from England! I walked over to my bags and pulled out a necklace. It had a silver chain and a dangling heart. She squealed with delight, grabbed it, and ran out of the room. I laughed to myself and walked downstairs. She always seemed to cheer me up. Even when things were getting tough.

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