Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


4. Story Time.

Well I got dressed into my clothes I had on before. A short leather skirt with a metal chain, a blood red shirt and some black flip slops. I try to tone it down when I'm in public. But school is out of the question. I hide it from my mom. So let's see what they say about my terrible life.

So I went outside and everyone was waiting for me. They looked shocked at what I looked like.

"What are you looking at?" I asked demandingly.

"Oh, oh nothing, nothing." an Irish voice rang.

"So u want to know my life, eh?" I asked.

"Well, kinda..." Mr. Curly over there said. His voice was deep. And husky. But I think the Irishman was the cutest.

"Kay. So here it goes; when I was born I was given up to adoption. Right at once. I wasn't adopted until I was 10. My 'parents' were divorced when I turned 11, um, I was forced to stay here and my 'mom' lived in Oklahoma. Then she died in a car crash. My 'dad' beats me and is an alcaholic, drug adict. My mom hates me and won't let me dress like this," I motioned down my body," And my siblings hate me. I hate me too. I cut, I try to kill myself, I get called a slut a lot and a whore because I have big boobs and a butt. Me and my friends have all classes together and we all have free periods together. We sneak out and we go cut. I sneak away from my parets and my parents don't know I have piercings,"

"Can we see the piercings?" one interupted.

"This is not 'Emily Shows Her Body Hour'" I said. "Anyways back to the story so I also have tatoos. So I am single and I've been to rehab. I eat all the time because I'm a twig. But I just can't gain any weight!! I hate myself I hate people and I hate life. That's not everything but I don't want to say everything. Kay? Kay."

They just sat there and stared. I felt uncomfortable.

"Group hug." a guy with suspenders said. I ran away the second he said that. I ain't hugging people.
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