Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


6. Operation D.E.R.E.K.

I looked at them funny. "What do you mean, sexual?"

What did I just say? Did I just call him 'sexual?'

"Well, I am sexual. And time for operation D.E.R.E.K.," niall said.

"Operation D.E.R.E.K.?" I questioned

"Yeah. It stands for something... That I don't know…" Niall said.

"Smooth blondie," Curly-Q said. I know his name. I just like calling him Curly-Q.

"Where do you live?" Sexy face asked.(Niall)

"Do you have a car? I can drive. If I'm correct Derek is taking his drunken ass to take a nap. Let's go." I found keys and I unlocked the black vehicle and hopped in. With sexy face at my side I was happy. I didn't even think about blades... Until now...

"Is this it?" Mr. Sass said.

"Yeah 'Hot-Pants', it is. Let's go. Derek's apartment is room 229B on the second floor," I said.

We headed up the the elevator. Niall held my hand the whole time. We finally got to the second floor and I said,"Alright guys. Just stick with m-"
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