Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


24. No biggie... Okay... HUGE biggie!

A/N~ sorry. Been busy. I've updates now. I'll try to do like 2 or 3 chapters. I hope u enjoy this chapter!!|~|~|~|

Today is the dreaded period day. I feel terible today. I got out of bed and I felt terrible. I ran into the toilet. Lou was there. I kicked him out of the toilet and I threw up. Lou asked me if I was alreight. I replied with an N and an O!! I'm in bed. It's been about 5 hours. So I normally need a change after 4 or 5 hours. I went into the loo and nothing. Nothing. My period is late. Ahh!! I'm NEVER late!! What is wrong with me?? I called in Ni. I told him what's happened. He just thinks I'm sick. I think otherwise. While the boys were gone I got 3 pregnancy tests. I CANNOT be pregnant. I'm freking 19!!! So... I took the tests. It was unanimous. I. Am. Pregnant. I called Niall. He screamed. Like, Justin Bieber scream. He asked me if I wanted to go to the doctor to make sure. After the boys interview I'm going to the doctor. What was I supposed to do?? I got to the hospital and I got scanned. Yep. I'm pregnant. We're pregnant. Niall asked me if I wanted to get an abortion. I slapped him. Harry didn't seem too good since he and the slut broke up. I'm worried about him. Ni keeps pushing abortion twards me. I am not killing a baby. I just slapped him again. I mean... Yeah it's scary. I'm freaking 19-years-old!!! So. I'm a little worried.

•••••3 weeks later•••••
I'm 1/3 into my pregnancy and I feel weird. I haven't told El yet so she just thinks I'm getting fatter. I hate the paps. They know I'm pregnant. Headlines like, "Niall Horan... Not so innocent now!" and "EMILY M. PREGNANT?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!" That was an MTV line... I'm hungry... Chocolate covered pickles?.. {they are actually good. Choco dill pickles are my fav. Haha}

•••••6 into pregnancy•••••
I feel really weird. Soon I am going to the hospital to have my child. 3 more weeks of having this thing kick the shit out of me... OUCH!! Me and Ni decided we want to be surprised by the gender. Fingers crossed for a girl!!!

•••••8 weeks into pregnancy•••••
I'm in the hospital. My baby is actually on time!! Most of the time in my family we are early babies!! I was supposed to be born on May 13th!! But I was born on March 23rd!! Our baby is going to be born on Febuary 4th!! AHHH!!!!!! I am so excited!!! I mean *le clears throat* I -I'm having a baby. Whatever. He. Mmmmhmmm.

•••••Fabuary 3rd•••••
I'm in some pain. I'm hooked up to a machine. I'm scared. All I want is a healthy baby.

•••••Next Day ;)•••••
So, I just had my baby... Or babies. Yeap. I had twins. A boy and a girl. Lou is making fun of us by saying things like,"Wow. You two really went at it." and "that's why I couldn't sleep that night..." I just laughed. I am not holding little Michael Lee and Annabella Jo. Me and Niall kicked everybody out. So now I'm holding Annabella and he is holding Michael. I've just had children. I wish I had the same last name as my children... Soon maybe... I mean we have twins... It would just be wrong otherwise.... I JUST HAD FREAKING TWINS BRO!!!
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