Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


15. Ness... Jiall?

I look at my phone and I get tweeted... By Niall: @JessLuvz1D hey, ummm, we need to talk. Meet me in my room.' so. I guess I'm going to Niall's room. I walk to his room and turn the handle. Locked. I knock. "Who is it?" his Irish voice rang.


"'Me' who?" Niall asked.

"'Me' Jess."


"What?"I asked.

"B.T.I.A.S. As in-Be There In A Second."

"Real mature." He let me in and laughed." So. U tweeted?"

"Yeah. Jess, we need to talk."

"What about?" I asked.


"'Us' who?"

"You and me."

"What about you and me?"

"Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?" Wow. THE Niall Horan is asking ME Jess VanDough to dinner.


"I'm thinking Italian."

"I'm thinking ok." I'm going to dinner with him. "Are we sneaking out or telling them."


"What? Why?"

"I want it to be a surprise. You know. The secret Jiall or Ness project."

"Jiall? Ness?" I was confused.

"Yeah. Our mash-up name."

"I'm thinking we should go with-"

|~|~| DON'T SKIP. Alright guys. Jiall or Ness? You shoose. Fist 3 comments and I'll decide who's is liked better. |~|~|
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