Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


12. My "Jesstastic" makeover

We arrive to a story Dani loves. It's called "Hipster Please." I have to attmitt it. It has some cool jeans... But I don't have to buy any... But I will any way... I bought some colored ripped jeans. El and perry, not their style...

Next. Perry's store. "This, That & Everything." Good. Maybe.... Oooh. I like that color... Here I bought a shirt. And only had 15 American dollars left. So I just bought a Jack Willlis sweatshirt. I only have time for some shoes. Then the girls said they want to do something... Special to my hair. And they're even buying me make up. Why are people so nice/weird?!?!

Lastly, El's store. "Spectacular." I have to say, they do have some 'Spectacular' shoes. I bought some brown sandles. So next is my hair. Great.

Really. It was great!! My hair is now auburn red and dip-dyed purple!! It looks amazing!! I-I mean for me... I guess... I guess next is my makeover.

"Jess." Perry said.

"Yes." I responded.

"You look.... Jesstastic."

"Jesstastic?" Dani asked.

"Yeah. I like the name." El said.

We arrived at the house. I thought we were going to a store...

"I thought we were going to a store..." I thought aloud.

"Me too!" Perry said.

"Me three!" El said.

"Hey! Who's driving here? I am. We're using ours. I'm broke. So is Jess. And so are you two." Dani spoke.

I loved my makeover... Secretly... My makeup was done by all the girls. They even curled my hair!! I have a light blue. My lips were dark red (not like my hair though). And my cheeks were pink. I loved it!! So I walked in the living room and-

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