Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


22. I love you.

Im at my mate's house. (El) and the news came on. "Thank you Connor. Now to Lacie."

"Great more go-"I start

"SHHHH. IT'S ABOUT 1D!!"Elenour{Sorry. Brain reck!! Forgot how to spell!!}

"As all of the ladies know, One Direction is taking new heights. Now we interview the boys from 1D. Hey guys! How are you."Well she got smug with Ni. She better not. Ni-Bug is mine. They said thanks, hello, then she started."Now the girls all want to know... Who's taken?"Eeryone but Liam and Haz raised their hand..."So. Who's with who?!?! Zayn?"

"Perrie."He said bluntly.

"Oh,Kay!! Louis?"she piped


"Niall?"She giggled then. That bitch better back off my man.

"This wonderful, beautiful, amazing girl. Her name is Jess."Her name better be Jess.

"Oh..."She sounded disappointed."So let's hear from the fans, shall we? Amanda D. 11, from South Dakota asks ‘Who sleeps the most?’" They all pointed to Harry. Haha. Well after a while it was done. I left about 30 minutes before it was done to see Ni. Only to find that bitch flirting with Ni, and he was... Smiling. What? That manslut. I bet it's just nothing and I'm imagining this... Yeah... That's what I'll tell myself. I'm ‘imagining this’.

"Hey, babe!!"I tell running to them. That bitch just gave me 'the look'.

"Hello, love. How was it at El's?"

"Wonderful. Shes talking to Lou, if you wanted to talk to her. I missed you!!"I said kissing him. Bitch did it again."Are we bothering you?"I asked fake-concerned.

"Yeah."she replied

"How?"Ni-Bug asked concerned.

"That BITCH is kissing you. And you're my boyfriend!! WERE OVER NIALL HORAN!!"

"What? What did she mean?" I asked concerned.

"I'm HER favorite mate in the band."

"You're my favorite too."

"I love you."He loved me.

"I love you MOST!!"
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